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Want to help and at the same time enjoy spending time with kind, empathetic people? Want to have some fun while volunteering at interesting social and cultural events? Or enjoy the freedom to work right from your home?

A Call to Leadership...

Check Your Interests:

Have fun! Attend social gatherings, or dog and art events. Share our helpful Emergency/Health wallet card. Tell people how they can also register their pet's Emergency/Health card on our web site. Protect their dog in emergencies. Or provide valuable information for pet care professionals. Volunteer today!

Enjoy reading. Like dog art. Have a passion to write. Inspired by uplifting stories about rescued dogs. Grateful that service dogs save, help and protect people in over 31 ways. Want to share your knowledge or research? Volunteer today! Photo of a dog reading a journal
  • Assist in editing magazine articles.
  • Write on a wide diversity of educational dog subjects.
  • Dog art history.
  • Artist and Author interviews.
  • Review dog books.
  • Collect interesting quotations.
  • Collect or create dog poetry.
  • Share or collect creative writing.
  • Develop relationships with art museums, galleries, art media and auction houses for educational stories about dog art.
Photo of dog art.
Always interested in art but not familiar with dog art. Want to learn how art is produced? Love to know more about the artists. Think it will be great fun to participate in charitable fundraising by promoting art. Feel proud that you are promoting art and artists. Volunteer today!
  • Organize online art auctions.
  • Create art raffles on our website.
  • Procure art and arts & crafts from our artists.
  • Develop recognition and awards for artists.
  • Find and share artistic dog videos and slide presentations.

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Art for Barks offers skilled professionals a way to share their talent for the enrichment of the community. We also offer unpaid internships on a year-round basis for college students or recent graduates. Participate today!
  • Administration.
  • Marketing.
  • Web site management.
  • Magazine writing, editing and management.
  • Social media development.
  • Search engine optimization.
  • Dog art research or writing.
  • Dog art history.
  • Develop creative and educational dog articles.
Put your marketing skills to good use by helping dogs and people. Dog operating a computer photo.
  • Publicity.
  • Social media networking.
  • Press releases.
  • Email marketing.
  • Design brochures.
  • Journalistic writing.
  • Build membership.
Create today!
  • Web Management.
  • Web Design.
  • Graphic design.
  • Drawing, illustration, cartoons design.
  • Professional knowledge.
  • Photographer.
  • Video services.
  • Administrative assistant.
Share my skills!
The work we do to benefit animals and people would be impossible without volunteers. It takes only a minute to sign up. Thank you for your contributions.

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