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Welcome to Art for Bark’s free registration for your family pet. This registration can also coordinate with our Emergency Card that you may have already received. The Emergency card should be kept in your wallet. In case of an automobile accident or community disaster, the Emergency Card will help emergency personnel who are trained to search for vital personal information. See Emergency Card.

Dogs of St. Bernard            

Dogs of St. Bernard Rescuing a Traveler
British Museum, Edwin Landseer, 1873

I would like to Register my Pet Optional Donation
  • Like to go on vacation? Need pet care assistance?
  • Sometimes delayed in getting home from a business appointment.

This registration process is a convenient way to have an animal care professional or a friend take proper care of your pets when you are not available.

  • Its Easy.
  • Your contact person just looks up your registered name and data on our website.

Come back to Art for Barks anytime and revise your information on new food or medicines for your animals.

No Emergency Card?

If you have not been given our free Emergency and Health Cards at an art or dog event, for a small shipping fee we will send you five copies of each card for you to give as gifts to your friends. Click here to get Emergency Cards......

You can register the multiple animals in your home. We want your family "Family Pets to be Happy" and for you to be designated as a "Great Pet Parent."

Why Register? Protect Your Pets.

What Happens to Us If Something Happens to You?

Best Buddies

Register us and you'll never have to worry!

Online Access to Vital Information for Anyone Caring for your Pet.

Our FREE Registry Organizes
All the Information needed
For your Pet’s Health and Welfare

Veterinary Information
Current Medications
Critical Medical Information
Healthy Weight Charts


Auto Accidents
Sudden Illness
Disaster Preparedness

It’s easy to register
Sign up today.
Your pets will be glad you did!

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