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Your Rights and Responsibilities

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Welcome to Art for Barks. Visit our Fine Art Dog Gallery, our Dog Art & Literary Journal, and our Free Pet Care Registration. Discover the products and services provided by our artists, writers and affiliated companies. Please review our list of Rights and Responsibilities below. These guidelines and terms of service must be followed if you want to be a participant or member of our site. You may also want to visit our Privacy and Security Policy and our Frequently Asked Questions.

Purchasing/Payment Methods

Art for Barks uses the highly respected checkout and donor process provided by PayPal Checkout Services. We are committed to the highest standards of financial security and privacy. You can feel confident that no one can intercept your personal or financial information. Our site uses multiple layers of commercial grade encryption and security technologies to safeguard any personal information you share with us, and any financial account information is handled securely and exclusively by PayPal. Our site does not handle or store your financial information or details in any way. Art for Barks is a non-profit California Corporation whose tax-exempt status as a 501 (c) (3) charitable entity is pending with the IRS. Regardless, appropriate sales tax must be charged on all transactions.

Art for Barks Copyright Protection

All content included on this site such as images, text, graphics, logos, button icons, audio clips, and digital downloads is the property of Art for Barks, or its suppliers and is protected by International and United States copyright laws. Our existing and future trademarks have copyright protection.

Artist/Writer Copyright Protection

Art for Barks respects the valuable intellectual property of its artists, writers and affiliates and expects its website visitors to do the same. Visitors may not reproduce, distribute, or publicly display any of the website content, unless it is through one of our approved, onsite social media processes, and consistent with the courtesy standards enumerated herein, without the express, written consent of Art for Barks, its artists, writers and other content providers.

We will terminate the privileges of any user of this site who unlawfully transmits copyrighted, or trademarked material without a license or expressed consent. Art for Barks also reserves the right to process claims against anyone violating the Policies herein.

Artists, writers, and others who submit content must ensure that the content they upload does not infringe on the copyright, trademark or other rights of third parties.

If you are concerned that someone may be using your intellectual content inappropriately, you can let us know by completing the Copyright/Trademark Complaint Form.

Artist's Rights and Responsibilities

Please see our full section on Artist's Rights and Responsibilities.

General Content and Communications

Posted content or submitted material, unless indicated otherwise by contract, will grant Art for Barks a nonexclusive, royalty-free, irrevocable, perpetual and fully sub-licensable right to use, publish, reproduce, modify and adapt, distribute and display such content throughout the worldwide Internet or social media.

You represent and warrant that you control and own any content that you post; that the content is accurate and will not cause injury to any entity or person. You indemnify Art for Barks for all claims resulting from content you provide. Art for Barks takes no responsibility, nor assumes any liability for any content posted by you or any third party.

Courtesy Rules

Art for Barks is a thriving community of animal lovers who are interested in a broad range of animal subjects including: art; literary work; educational content; news, inspirational stories, and positive entertainment. Our purpose is to improve your quality of interaction with animals. Knowledge of any subject enhances your experience. We encourage the sharing of in-depth research, civil discussions, and constructive debates.

Visitors are encouraged to make comments, post reviews, photos, send cards and e-cards, post evaluations, and submit suggestions as long as that communication is not illegal, defamatory, invasive of privacy or injurious to third parties.

Towards that end, we have the following general courtesy guidelines for participation i n our website. If necessary, comments will be pre-approved before they are displayed to other users. Violators of our Courtesy Rules may be removed from the site.

  • No venting, ranting, harassing or cussing.
  • No nudity, or content that would be inappropriate for children.
  • No intimidating, attacking, abusing or impersonating others.
  • Everyone is welcome to voice personal opinions about art, literary work, or care and maintenance of animals regardless of affiliations. Tolerance and intellectual curiosity is encouraged.
  • No political or religious ideology should be expressed. No political campaigning.
  • No posting of self-promotional comments, addresses or contact information, commercial solicitation or selling of services in order to advertise your personal business or affiliations.
  • Do not use your Membership Account, or Free Pet Registration Account to host graphic designs, logos, icons or other personal promotions.
  • No chain letters, mass mailings, viruses or any form of spam.
  • No false e-mail addresses, or impersonation of others.
  • You may never use another Member’s account without permission.
  • When creating your account you must provide accurate, complete information.
  • You are responsible for the activity that occurs on your account, and you must keep your account password secure.

Shipping and Delivery

Art for Barks is a non-profit animal charity *(see detail in Purchasing/Payment Methods) that represents a wide diversity of quality artists, writers and commercial affiliates. We do not warehouse our art or literary products. We select our affiliates based on their quality of products, efficiency of delivery, and willingness to guarantee their work. To encourage efficiency, we provide an opportunity for website users to rate and comment on the quality of products and courtesy of our suppliers. Affiliated artists, writers and commercial entities that do not meet our high standards will be removed from the site.

Unlike high production merchandise, the unique products on our site are often created "on demand" by our artists. The time to produce the art will vary, depending on the complexity of the item. Each product item listed on the site will provide an estimated "time of delivery".

Hand made items from individual artists, made "on demand" will take longer to produce than items procured from commercial affiliates who have developed efficient delivery systems.

When artistic and literary products are procured from high quality commercial affiliates, such as Art Reproduction houses, or book suppliers like Amazon, those organizations will assume responsibility for the efficient shipping and delivery of your purchases. The entity primarily responsible for your items will be listed on the website and your purchase contract.

Art for Barks will be part of your support team, an assertive advocate for your interests, but cannot assume liability for your purchases. Inefficiency, poor quality of products, or failure to guarantee a product will cause Art for Barks to discontinue use of any third party provider.


Art for Barks content, materials, services and products made available to you through our non-profit organization *(see detail in Purchasing/Payment Methods) and website are provided "as available" and "as is" except as specified and guaranteed by our affiliates. You expressly agree that your use of the Art for Barks products and services is at your sole risk.

Dispute Resolution

If any dispute shall arise between or among the parties hereto, with respect to the subject matter of this contract, the parties shall first submit the dispute to initial mediation to be conducted before a mutually agreed upon mediator, such as Judicate West, in San Diego, California. If such dispute cannot be resolved through such mediation, it shall be resolved through binding arbitration to be conducted through Judicate West, or similar organization, approved by all parties to the dispute, pursuant to the rules set forth in the California Arbitration Act (California Code of Civil procedure section 1280 et seq.)

In addition to such other remedies as the arbitrator may award, the prevailing party in such action, as determined by the arbitrator, shall be entitled to an award of actual attorney’s fees and other costs incurred by such party in such arbitration; provided, however, that any party who refuses to participate in the mediation provided for in this Dispute Resolution Clause, even if the prevailing party, shall not be entitled to an award of his, her or its attorney’s fees and costs.

Electronic Communications

When you visit our website, send us e-mails, or use any of our Art for Barks services you are participating in electronic communication. You consent to receive communication electronically from us and to observe our posted notices on our website. You agree that all notices, agreements, contracts, disclosures and other communication that we provide to you electronically satisfy any legal requirement that such communication be in writing.

Membership Term & Fees

This agreement shall remain in full force and effect while using the website, our services, or operating as a member. You may terminate your membership in Art for Barks, at any time, by logging into your membership account and clicking on "Close Account".

Art for Barks may terminate your participation or membership for any reason, at any time, effective upon sending email notice to you at the email address you provide in your membership account, or subsequent email addresses you provide in other website activity. If Art for Barks terminates your membership for breach of this agreement, you shall not be entitled to a refund of any unused portion of membership fees. With 30 days e-mail notice to existing members, Art for Barks, may change the term and cost of membership.

Privacy and Security

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Welcome to Art for Barks. Visit our Fine Art Dog Gallery, our Dog Art & Literary Journal, and our Free Pet Care Registration. Discover the products and services provided by our artists, writers and affiliated companies. Please review our Privacy Policy below. These policies are used by Arts for Barks to protect your privacy. You may also want to read our User Rights and Responsibilies and our Frequently Asked Questions.

Your Privacy

Protecting your personal information and privacy is our utmost concern. We do not sell your information to others, and only store relevant information to personalize and improve your website user experience. In order to deliver requested products, we share user information with 3rd party entities like UPS, the U.S. Postal Service, PayPal, Amazon, and other companies that facilitate the delivery of products and services on your behalf.

How Do We Collect Information?

When you visit the website on your home computer, mobile phone, or tablet device to request the use of services or products, you provide personal identification information, which allows you to participate in the following: buy products; enter your pets into Free Pet Care Registration; contribute to forums; join special interest and social groups; share opinions on content; give ratings of products; and participate in member-only special offerings.

How Is Information Used?

Privacy Umbrella

The information that you provide will assist us in creating a secure and customized website experience. Additionally, your data will be used to provide quality content and help to communicate relevant information specific to your requests as a user of Finally, your online registration preferences allow you to control the use of your email address and maintain an "opt-out" feature for future email correspondence, which may include featured services and promotional information.

Sharing of Information

In the course of providing animal and art education content, we interact on the Internet with many individuals, charities, and businesses. We will never share your personal information. However, we may provide you with links and/or referrals to other websites for your convenience and protection. Such association, coordination, or content sharing will not signify our endorsement of such entities. We cannot control or constantly review these other websites, which places your access to these sites entirely at your own risk. Therefore, when you click a link to visit a referred website, please understand that the Art for Barks Privacy Policy does not cover any website but our own.

Disclosure Of Data To Law Enforcement

If is required to supply information to a court of competent jurisdiction, we will provide the data requested. Requests from other government agencies will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

Cookies and Pixels

Today, most Internet websites leave cookies on home computers, mobile phones, and tablet devices. Cookies are data stored on your computing devices. When you visit the website, a small text file, or cookie, containing a string of alphanumeric characters, is sent to your computer that uniquely identifies you, thereby facilitating a faster and improved website experience. Importantly, however, a cookie does not collect personal information about you.

There are two types of cookies: "session cookies" and "persistent cookies". A "persistent cookie" remains on your computer’s hard drive after you leave the site. On future visits to Art for Barks, "persistent cookies" may be used by your browser. A "session cookie" is temporary and disappears after you close your browser.

You can always remove, reject, or ask for notification of all cookies by following the directions in your web browser. However, if you disable cookies, some of the service features of our website may not function properly.

Pixels and page tags are small blocks of code on webpages that allow companies like Goggle to measure your viewing of a webpage. Pixels, cookies and page tags are often used together as a practical way to understand the quality of interaction in a broad range of website services and products. Our participation in these tools is very limited, but they will help us understand:

  • At what times and for how long visitors are logged in to Art for Barks;
  • How our services and products are used;
  • How to make Art for Barks easier to use;

Additionally, any information gathered about your viewing habits will only be used to help Art for Barks learn:

  • How to store information about your membership and areas of interest; and
  • How to protect you and those with whom you interact on Art for Barks

Children’s Privacy

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Art for Barks wants to help educate children about animals, art, and literary subjects. However we do not want to collect any personal information from anyone under age 13. If you are under age 13, please do not send us: your name, email address, mailing address or telephone number. If you think that we have received any information from, or about a child under 13, without parental consent, please contact us and we will delete that information.

Questions and Answers

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Feel free to browse the FAQs or choose from the following options to help you find your answer more quickly:


Why do I need to create an account on Art for Barks?

In order to participate in membership activities, such as: enter your pets in our free Pet Care Registration; read our Dog Art & Literary Journal; post a comment or product evaluation; and participate in social media contacts; you must register as a member.

How do I Login?

On the Opening Page, and most pages, at the top of the page click on Login or click here.

Where can I create a membership account?

At the top of every page there is a login link next to free Pet Care Registration. You can also go here.

I have forgotten my password/username, or I want to make changes in my data. What should I do?

Retrieve your password if necessary by going to password recovery.

How can I register my pets? How many pets can I register?

On the top corner of most pages you will see free Pet Care Registration. Click Pet Care Registration and have fun protecting your pets. You can register as many pets as you own.

How do I change information on my pets in Pet Care Registration?

You can change the data in Pet Care Registration any time. Login and update your information. We recommend you visit at least quarterly to keep your Pet Care needs current.

Is Art for Barks a charitable organization?

All of our proceeds, after minimal overhead costs, will go to animal charities. Our primary focus is to facilitate training of Service Dogs, and to Rescue abandoned, lost or injured animals. Art for Barks is a registered 501 (c)(3) Nonprofit Organization. Donations are tax deductible.


How do I place an order?

Just push the "Buy Button" on the page where you find the item. Costs, shipping information and estimated delivery date will be displayed for you. You can cancel your order at any time.

What is an Affiliate Company

An Affiliate Company is a business that many Artists use to package and ship artwork to Customers. Art for Barks coordinates with numerous Affiliated Companies to make the shipping and packaging easier for the artist.

Do I order directly from Art for Barks or the Artist?

You always order from Art for Barks.. You "Return" an order directly to the Artist or Affiliated Company by using the address inside your packaging. If you lose the "Return Address" inside of your package, email Subject: Returns.

Can I pay with a credit card?

Yes, while using PayPal ordering system you can use standard credit cards or the easy PayPal member account method.

Can I ship outside of the country?

Sorry. We cannot ship outside of the U.S. and Canada at this time.

Do you charge tax on your purchases?

Art for Barks is a California Nonprofit Corporation. We will conform to any required State or Federal Tax policy. Several States and the Federal Government are now considering changes in sales taxes.

Shipping & Delivery

When will I receive my order?

Each art item will show on its product page a "ships within" estimate on when the Artists or Affiliate will deliver your order. These estimates will vary depending on the artist’s availability and the specialized time required to produce your order item. After placing your order you will receive an email confirmation with your order details.

How do I track my order?

After placing your order, we will send you an email telling you when to expect delivery. Once the artist ships your order, you will receive another email telling you about expected delivery and the shippers tracking information.

How much will the shipping cost me?

Shipping costs vary depending on the type of art, weight of the item and where it is sent. Each purchase order will provide the costs before you finalize your purchase.

What is the return policy?

Most orders may be returned within 14 days of receipt. Special or custom orders cannot be returned.

Where do I send my returns?

Do not return orders to Art for Barks. You must return items to the Artist or Affiliated Company that sent you the item. That information will be on the purchase order.

Do you provide a shipping label for returns?

A shipping/return label will be inside your package with the correct return address information. If you have lost your label please email us at and we will mail or email you back another return label. You are responsible for return shipping costs.

What about packaging for return items?

All purchased items will be returned to the Artist or Affiliated Company that sent them to you. That information is available inside your package.

  • Do not return any purchased items to Art for Barks.
  • Ship any returned items to the Artist or Affiliated Company that sent the product to you. The Return label is inside your package.
  • Items must be returned in original packaging to the Artist or Affiliate Company.
  • If your delivery package is damaged, replace the damaged package with durable packaging.
  • You are responsible for the safe return of artwork that is damaged in "Return" transit.
  • For your protection, insure all shipped "Returns".

What do you do about wrong or defective products?

If you received an item that is defective, or you were shipped an item that you did not order, Art for Bark’s Artists and Affiliates will pay the costs of return shipping. Please get approval to return the damaged item by emailing: Subject: Returns.

How do I get approval to return a damaged item?

  • Take a photo using your camera, or cell phone and email it to Art for Barks
  • If packaging is also damaged, take a photo of the packaging.
  • Attach your photos to an email: Subject "Returns" and send the pictures to Include your name, order number, and a brief description of the reason for the return and your phone number.
  • After the above information is reviewed, we will contact you.

Artists, Writers & Artwork

What type of artwork does Art for Barks offer?

We do extensive research into locating our unique and inspirational works of animal Art. We engage Artists that are considered outstanding in their field. To satisfy the diverse interests of our Customers, we include a wide variety of art subjects, and artistic styles. Our animal art categories include: dogs, cats, horses and wildlife.

Is your art handmade?

Yes. In most cases the artists are creating the artwork in their own studio.

Are you interested in new animal Artists?

We are always interested in looking at high quality, unique art, crafts, gifts and home décor. Please email Use "New Artist" as the email Subject. For additional information about participating as an Artist on the Art for Barks website, go to Artist’s Inquiry in the navigation at the bottom of most pages.

Are you interested in animal authors, journalists and creative writers?

Yes. We are interested in all literary work about animals. We appreciate creative, in-depth content, story telling, humor, animal art history, how animal art is created and unique research on animal health. See Writer’s Inquiry in the navigation at the bottom of most pages.

Do you sell books on animals and animal art?

Yes. We plan to provide an appealing selection of books on animals and art for all age groups.

Do you want videos?

Yes. We want outstanding animal and art education videos and slide shows. We are interested in positive animal stories, educational subjects and humor. The copyright owner, or the distributor, has to give their permissions for us to use any videos, slides or artwork on our website. Appropriate artist credits will be given. No commercial advertising is allowed on our site.

Do you want animal cartoons and comic strips in your Dog Art & Literary Journal?

Yes. Cartoons and comic strips are a wonderful form of artistic story telling.

What about Copyrights and Image Ownership?

Digital and image files shall remain the property of the Artists and Writers. All copyrights and trademarks will be honored and protected by Art for Barks. Whenever possible, Art for Barks will show the following copyright notice: © Artist’s or Author’s Name.

How many images do you want for the Fine Art Dog Gallery?

Artists need to supply at least three quality images.

Are you only interested in professional quality images?

All images for the website must be of professional quality. Good photography substantially improves your opportunity for successful sale of your art. With all images we encourage artistic lighting and clean, uncluttered backgrounds. You should have your art photographed by a professional who has specialized in photographing artwork. Customers, and members of an art jury, make instant decisions on the quality of your artwork based on the photographic image. Please include into the price of your artwork the cost of quality images.

What size images do you want on the website?

We prefer large images. Our maximum size is 1200px wide, and 800px high. Images then need to be sized down for most website uses for both visual quality and copyright protection. Our home page slide show uses images 960px wide, and 480px high. Our internal slide shows use images 352px wide by 352px wide. Once it is decided how your images will be used, it is very helpful if you size the artwork images. We will be using 72ppi for web, and 300 ppi for print or PDF journal content.

Do you need an Artist Statement and Bio?

Yes. We want you to connect with the Customer by explaining your artistic focus, style, tools, techniques and experience.

Write in the third person. For example:

"Candera Jones describes her sculpture as focusing on the tilt of the head to show the mood and character of the animal…"

"Jason Smith likes to use the palette knife in his paintings to produce the rough, textured, water resistant hair of an animal that has to survive in nature…"

In your Bio for the Art for Barks website write about your training, artistic activities and awards.

Do you need a Writer’s Statement and Bio?

Yes. You want the participants on the Art for Barks website to know you as a person and as a professional.

Rights & Responsibilities for Artists

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Inclusion in the Art for Barks website signifies that the selected artist is a distinguished art professional with a distinctive artistic style. All categories of animal fine art, arts and crafts, gifts and home décor will be included in the Fine Art Dog Gallery. The Art for Barks website will represent diverse styles of art.

The Dog Art & Literary Journal will help educate the public about: How animal art is created; What you need to know about talented artists; and every educational aspect of understanding, training and protecting your family pets. Inspirational stories about hero dogs, and humorous cartoons, videos and literary entertainment will help unite the art and literary professionals with the general animal loving community. The categories of animal art for the Art for Barks website will include dogs, cats, horses and wildlife.

Art and literary professionals will want to acknowledge the following Rights & Responsibilities for Artists:

Favorable Commission Rates

Art for Barks charitable mission is to support animal Artists and Writers. Commission rates on the sale of artist’s work will be extremely favorable to the artist.

Artist Ownership of Artwork

Ownership of Art, digital files and literary copy shall remain the property of the Artist. All artwork on the Art for Barks website will honor our U.S. copyright and trademark laws.

Shipping Responsibilities

When art is shipped from Artist’s studio, the Artist guarantees safe shipping, packaging and delivery to the Customer. Art over $50.00 must be insured. When art is shipped from one of our art Affiliates they will assume all safe shipping and delivery responsibilities.

Donor Artists

"Donor Artists" designation will be given to artists and writers on the website who are impassioned animal lovers, and also want to donate art for special fundraising projects by Art for Barks and its charities. Other methods of recognition will be made available for artists who donate art, but cannot have their art on the Art for Barks website.

Creative Marketing

Our creative marketing programs will enhance the connection of our Artists and Writers with the animal loving community.

Returns and Timely Work Policies

Excellent Customer service is our policy. Artists will guarantee returns from dissatisfied Customers. For Artists to remain on the website, art ordered by website customers must be produced and delivered in a timely fashion.

Returns and Timely Work Policies

Excellent Customer service is our policy. Artists will guarantee returns from dissatisfied Customers. For Artists to remain on the website, art ordered by website customers must be produced and delivered in a timely fashion.

Contact and More Information

More specific information for artists and writers can be found in Artists Inquiry  and  Writers Inquiry  and in our general  Question & Answer  segment of Policies. A contract for Artists is available by emailing

All artwork, images, designs and creative writing on this site are copyright and trademark protected.
All content on the website may not be reproduced or displayed without the express approval of Art for Barks™