Photo of founder Lynn Moon

Lynn Moon

After aborting her initial interest in becoming a professor, Lynn turned to a life dedicated to a practical application of knowledge and creativity. Motivated by wanting to make a contribution to society, and unimpressed with her generation’s limited expectations of women, Lynn’s career accidentally led to "male dominated" occupations.

Starting as E.F. Hutton’s first female stockbroker; next as California’s first female Registered Investment Advisor and owner of her own company; and then finishing her financial career as a commercial real estate developer.

These business activities created an awareness of some injustices in investment opportunity. As a stock broker managing client’s portfolios, Lynn realized that she, and women in general, could not hold many types of investment accounts in their own name in California. Lynn, with the assistance of her attorney husband, changed the California law so that women have equal opportunity for investments. As a dedicated educator, Lynn was also a pioneer in creating financial and investment education for women.

With a few others, Lynn started The Women’s Bank in order to change the national credit laws. At that time, credit history and credit card activity was only reported in a man’s name. When women were widowed, or divorced, they could not buy a car, a home, or have a charge account unless a male relative co-signed. The Women’s Bank changed the national credit laws in less than two years.

After early retirement, Lynn attended art schools in classical drawing and anatomy, and studied under numerous sculptors in pursuit of a new career in sculpture. After a decade in training, Lynn decided to expose her "Women of Substance" series of sculptures. Then the current economic decline began. As a financial professional, Lynn understood that galleries would encounter a survival problem, decreasing the opportunities for new sculptors.

Lynn turned to another passion, her love of animals. Even in a bad economic cycle, the family animal remains a priority. That understanding led to creating sculptural dog pendants to raise money for Service Dogs and Rescue Dogs. Lynn expanded these interests by wanting to help artists survive in an expected long, slow economic recovery. Art for Barks was formed with a focus on assisting dogs, artists and creative writers.

Lynn’s recreational interests range from a love of books and a passionate pursuit of knowledge in diverse subjects, to an appreciation of sports and nature expressed in: tennis, fly fishing, hiking, backpacking, windsurfing and the San Diego Chargers. Lynn is married to retired Judge David Moon, has two daughters, two grandsons, two Labs and a rescued feral cat and her three kittens.

Photo of founder Karen Covel

Karen Covel

Karen and has lived most of her life in the sunny, temperate climate of San Diego. Perhaps that explains why she is always sparkling with positive enthusiasm. One doesn’t expect such optimism from a person that spends her business day with numbers and financial projections.

We are fortunate at Art for Barks to have Karen as our Financial Officer and CPA in charge of our nonprofit governance and tax compliance. She also serves as our Secretary at Board meetings. With an undergraduate degree in Business Administration, a Masters in Taxation, work experience in a big 4 accounting firm, and also a partner in a small boutique CPA firm, we have a terrific financial mentor.

Karen loves travel, gardening, reading, hiking, and trying new things. She has loved dogs all of her life, and now has five dogs at home, four of which are rescue dogs. She sees her involvement in Art for Barks as an opportunity to give something back to the delightful creatures that have brought so much joy and love into her life.

Photo of founder Ingrid Chamberlin

Ingrid Chamberlin

On any Board, Ingrid is the "Go To" person. Need something accomplished. Want strategic thinking. Need a document or financial statement thoroughly analyzed or edited. Ingrid Chamberlin is the consummate professional. It is amazing someone so attuned to detail and perfection is also profoundly gracious and kind.

Ingrid is the Art for Barks Treasurer. A self-employed consultant in: Accounting; Organization and Information Technology; and Business Management. She is currently on the Board of Directors of the California Society of Tax Consultants. Ingrid also has years of experience in improving the performance of Nonprofits.

Just in case we need to contact an artist outside the United States, Ingrid is also proficient in Spanish, German, Italian and French.

Photo of founder Theresa Masters

Theresa Masters

Terri Masters is an artist with a gifted intelligence and an unstoppable desire to accomplish any goal or task. Terri is not intimidated by any challenge, person or cultural habit. When all around her are flustered by a technical problem in using an art product, you will soon overhear Terri talking to the CEO of the company producing the product. Problem solved!

Terri is a jewelry artist, and craft person, that takes great delight in knowing almost every artist and manufacturer in her industry of choice. Beyond her amazing artistic skills, Terri is also an excellent businesswoman skilled in administration, organization and practical problem solving.

Terri is passionate about the Internet and its services. She is a humanist that finds the social media to be an excellent medium to develop quality relationships, share substance and pursue idealistic causes. If you find unfairness, discrimination or unkind behavior in society, share it with Terri. She will take the time to educate the public via the Internet and Social Media.

Dogs, cats, animals in general are also her passion. Want to enjoy an uplifting hero dog story, or watch a video about a special dog being rescued from neglect or abandonment, go to Terri’s video library. Want to learn about the most recent veterinary advances in surgery, or the most progressive and effective dog training methods, give Terri Masters the assignment.

Photo of founder Berverly Bica

Beverly G. Bica

Bev Bica has a resume that will amaze anyone. She is the prototype successful Entrepreneur. A person dedicated to strength of personal character, individual will and the acquisition of knowledge. Mention any book, she has read it. Then she will ask you how the book impacted your life and what other books do you recommend. You will soon find that you have met a great conversationalist interested in everything including you.

As an Italian immigrant of modest means with an adventurous spirit and a keen desire to become a pilot she started her first business, at 16, to finance her flying lessons. Her start-up company became the largest fuel concessionaire at the Long Beach California Airport. While building her fuel and flight businesses she mastered airplanes, helicopters, and then jet airplanes.

As a legislative aide to Congressman Jerry Lewis she specialized in Appropriations, Foreign Operations and International debt. While in the Washington D.C. area she also started Emery Transportation Service, providing private transport for Government Relations firms, and the Bica & Company Commercial Real Estate Investment and Development Company, headquartered in Virginia.

Art for Barks is not Bev’s first Board experience. She was previously a Board Director at: Anton Airfood, Inc. International Airport Food Service Corporation; SOC (Sheltered Occupational Centers) Enterprises, helping those with disabilities achieve employment and independence in the workplace and in the community, CREW (Commercial Real Estate Women); Eisenhower Public Private Partnership; and Board of Advisors of California Community Bank, San Diego, California.

Bev retired early from business and became a classically trained artist, specializing in painting, photography and film production. To utilize her abundant energy she is an avid runner, triathlete and a Jose Cuervo, Women’s Doubles, Sand Volleyball Gold Medal winner.

Despite all her worldly interests, Bev has a special dedication to her dogs. Her two rescued dogs, Rylee and Branson, reflect her intelligence, determination and warmth.

Photo of founder Steve Rossman

Steve Rossman

Steve Rossman has been a marketing professional, business owner and professional photographer for over 30 years. He was co-founder and executive vice-president of Exponents, Inc., a San Diego-based manufacturer that designs and produces exhibits for trade shows, museums and retail environments. In that position, he was responsible for establishing and overseeing all of the company’s distribution, marketing and sales efforts.

Rossman is principal of Steve Rossman Photo+Marketing, which specializes in helping artists photograph and market their work. In addition to his photographic services, Rossman creates simple websites for artist/clients on a platform that allows them to control and maintain their own sites.

Rossman teaches Jewelry Photography at SDCE Community Education. He writes a regular column for Metal Clay Today Magazine. His work, and that of his jewelry artist clients, has been featured in national jewelry magazines, books and competitions. Rossman publishes a website/blog at, featuring his work and that of students, clients and friends.

As the co-caretaker and friend of an abused and neglected rescue dog, and as an artist as well, Steve has a deep appreciation for the work Art for Barks is undertaking.

Photo of founder Allison Andrews

Allison Andrews

Allison Andrews started APA Business Consulting,, in 2005, working primarily with fashion clients in both retail and manufacturing. She’s significantly broadened the industries she serves, but has retained her hands-on focus and desire to be an integral part of her client’s businesses. Allison’s extensive sales and marketing expertise and demonstrated success in organizational development have been recognized with several awards and honors, including a 2009 nomination from the San Diego Business Journal for its Women Who Mean Business awards.

She sits on the boards of several nonprofits, holds leadership positions in her business networking groups and is a member of the National Association of Professional Women. Allison has been extremely helpful in creating marketing advice to a local pet nonprofit: Coastal Rescue. Allison believes fervently in empowering people and businesses to grow and thrive. She hold a bachelor of science in organizational leadership and an associate of art in merchandise marketing.

Allison has three dogs and three cats all rescued from local nonprofits. She also is an active fostering parent for kittens and puppies through several rescue organizations in San Diego.