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Art for Barks™ (100% Charity: 501 (c)(3) Nonprofit Organization)

Our Mission:

Art for Barks is a 501(c)(3) Nonprofit that was formed to support Service Dogs, Rescue Animals and Animal Artists & Writers. Our goal is to facilitate public education about animals and art through our Fine Art Gallery Museum and Dog Art & Literary Journal. Through our art and literary education programs we will help people make humane and informed choices affecting their animals.      back to top...

Who We Are:

We are people who are passionate about dogs, art, books and knowledge. We are fascinated by the over thirty one things that Service dogs do to make a human’s life better. We feel sad about homeless dogs, and frustrated about the seriously ill dogs whose owners cannot afford their medical care.      back to top...

What we do:

We want to make a difference. We are giving people. We get involved. We share our time and money to improve the world. We love our day jobs, our families and our furry friends. We still find energy to contribute to Art for Barks and their dog charities. We are homemakers, professionals, self employed and corporate, made rich by our sense of purpose.      back to top...

Our organization offers the following online:

  • Digital Magazine: Artful Pet Guardian
    • Discover a web based journal devoted to our selfless dog friends.
    • Find short stories that make your day.
    • Learn more about our dogs with training and health tips, hero stories, book reviews and poetry.
    • Expand your appreciation of dog art with demonstrations on how art is created.
    • Get to know your favorite artist through profiles and interviews.
    • Participate in a social group and share your interest in dogs, art or creative writing.
    • Understand the goals and challenges of exceptional dog charities.
    • Enjoy a little magazine that engages you on every page.
  • Fine Art Dog Gallery Museum
    • Feast your eyes with art - painting, drawing, photography, sculpture and jewelry.
    • Decorate your home with unique crafts celebrating our canine friends.
    • Please your friends with gifts saluting and memorializing their dogs.
    • Become a member and participate in exclusive raffles and art auctions.
    • Learn how to improve your own artistic endeavors.

Get involved:

You are important! Make a donation. Become a volunteer. Enjoy our fine art, gifts and crafts. Share our dog stories with your friends to brighten their day.      back to top...

Make A Difference:

Contribute to our digital magazine "Artful Pet Guardian". Join a social group, and have fun. Learn more about serious art. Enjoy our humorous art and uplifting dog stories. Send us a famous "quote" to help us become better citizens, parents and dog owners. It's your time to make a difference.     back to top...

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