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  Artists Supporting Service & Rescue Animal Charities

A first-of-its-kind animal charity, Art for Barks couples art and technology to support rescue animals and service dogs, helping curb pet abandonment on the front-end. Our proprietary and complimentary Pet Care Registry helps ensure animals are properly taken care of during all life situations, such as an indisposed caretaker or a pet health emergency.


Art for Barks celebrates art and works closely with animal-themed artists and writers to expand pet care consciousness. Through art, our passionate global community of artists and writers helps deliver the superior pet care message, with the goal of reducing animal abandonment.

  • Supporting rescue animals and service dogs
  • Reducing abandonment on the front-end
  • Celebrating Art

Our ultimate goal is to curb the number of animals that end up in shelters. We work hard to deliver on that mission by providing essential tools and resources to support pet guardians and educate the community on the importance of superior pet care. These resources include an Emergency Contact Card, digital Pet Care Registry, veterinary medical records Drop Data Box, cutting-edge pet care Digital Magazine, and other state-of-the-art pet parenting information.

  • Complimentary digital Pet Care Registry
  • Protecting pet in caretaker loss
  • Assisting pet parent in pet health emergency
  • Veterinary Drop Data Box for health history
  • Cutting-edge pet care Digital Magazine

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