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6th Place: Art for Barks: Flower

By Logan, 5 Grade, R. Roger Rowe Elementary

In many cases, people think dogs make your life easier and happier. They were even given the world title of “A Man’s Best Friend.” Our family decided to get a dog after moving here from Boston. We wanted a dog to be part of our family and wanted to save it from a shelter. The dog we adopted has changed our life because she’s funny, loving and has changed a lot, just like us.

Our dog Flower is very funny. She is funny because she has some weird habits from her previous life, which was living on the street. Flower will only eat in two places, in our back yard and on our expensive rug. She also buries her food because when she was living on the street, she had limited food. So now, when my friends and I are playing, we will occasionally find a pizza crust or two in the ground. This is funny because normal dogs will gobble their food down, not save it in dirt holes. She also doesn’t like fresh, clean water for some reason. She will only drink from a little fountain in our front yard. These silly behaviors make us laugh and make us love our dog even more.

Flower is also very loving. When I am sad, crying or hurt, she will come and lick my face. Even though during these times I am very stressed and would tell her to go away, she never gets mad. Also, since Flower is so loving we allow her on our furniture, and when we watch movies she will curl up and fall asleep right next to us. Flower also helps us feel loved by greeting us home from school with many licks and gentle scratches. Flower has a magical way of filling our house with love and dog hair.

This might sound weird…but the day I got my dog I was SO sad. This might sound weird because many people would think getting a puppy would make them SOOO happy. I remember when we got our dog Flower. I was really upset. At the shelter we found a dog named “Pilgrim.” She was in horrible shape. She was scared of everything. Her fur was covered with dirt. A skunk had sprayed her, and she did not like people petting her. She also had a weird fear of balls. I was devastated when my family agreed that this was the dog we were going to get. When we adopted “Pilgrim,” we decided to rename her Flower. Over time, after much love and a full stomach, she became the fluffy white, brave, lightning-fast new member of our family.

In conclusion, my dog Flower has become a critical part of our family. She brings laughter, love, energy and happiness to our family. This dog that we weren’t so sure about had a way of making our family better. As grateful as she is for us, we are a thousand times more grateful for her.

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