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5th Place: My Murphy

By Sofie, 4 Grade, R. Roger Rowe Elementary

My dog Murphy is special in many, many ways. So here is my first paragraph poem.

Murphy is always happy to see me.
Showers me with kisses.
That’s how I know I am the one he misses.

Whenever I have a bad day.
He never asks why.
Just cuddles close in case I cry.

We love goofing around.
And having fun at play.
We make time for that every single day.

He is my stuffed animal that plays.
And runs all day.
He loves me with laughter.
And he never is far away.

Hugs and kisses every single day.
I love him so much hip, hip hooray!

He is not perfect, but he is mine.
My dog Murphy is not just my friend; he is the best all the time.

The end.

My dog Murphy is important to my family because he cheers my family up. When I have had a bad day, he comes and gives me kisses. He cuddles like a stuffed bear and loves me so much. He is very sweet and cheers me up.

Another reason why my dog Murphy is important to my family is because he is SO MUCH FUN! For example, he sits on the front of my skateboard when I ride. He is very funny because when he picks up his ball it looks bigger than him. He is also very fun because when I am not looking he jumps up on the kitchen table and eats our food.

The last reason why my dog Murphy is important to my family is because without him, nothing would be the same. We wouldn’t walk as much. We wouldn’t get unconditional cuddles and without him our family would not be whole.

In conclusion, my dog Murphy is fun, hilarious, playful and he cheers me up. He is the best dog a little girl could wish for. I can’t imagine our family without him.

The very end!

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