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4th Place: Poppy, The Best Dog Ever

By Nick , 4 Grade, R. Roger Rowe Elementary

My dog Poppy is important to my family for many reasons. Before we bought Poppy, she was a stray. All her brothers and sisters already had been adopted. We picked her because nobody else wanted her. She was all alone hiding in the corner of her cage at Helen Woodward Animal Shelter. But now, everybody wants her. Poppy is the best dog in the world because she is well behaved and obedient. She entertains people with her tricks, she is always happy and she greets people kindly.

One reason why Poppy is important to my family is because she is always well behaved. Poppy always stays close by and she is never aggressive. “When you eat your breakfast, you will never eat alone,” says my mom. My dog Poppy is always by your side when you need her. Poppy never bites or jumps. She never gets in your way. Poppy is also obedient because she comes when called, she stays, sits, lays, stands and much more. One day, my mom forgot the leash when going on a walk with Poppy. Poppy stayed close. When Poppy was crossing the street, she stayed right next to my mom.

My dog Poppy entertains people with her tricks. She can jump through a hula-hoop. You can hold it up high, and she will jump through it when you say, “Over.” Poppy can also give you a high five. You put your hand up and say, “Shake” or “High five.” She can also give kisses on command. My mom likes this trick. You say, “Kisses,” and she slobbers all over your face. My mom laughs and laughs and laughs. Poppy can also stand on her hind legs. You hold a treat up high and say, “Up, up.” She stands up and gently takes the treat from your hand. Finally, she can give hugs. Personally, this is my favorite. She jumps up on your shoulders and licks you when you say, “Hugs.” My dog Poppy is very smart and talented.

A final reason why Poppy is important to my family is because she is always happy and greets animals and people kindly. One time I left for three minutes to feed the chickens. When I came back, Poppy was wagging her tail like crazy, as if I had left for three days. She walked over to me and started licking me all over the face. Poppy is also kind and gentle with animals. When she is with other animals, she is not aggressive, but shy. One time, she came with us into the chicken coop. She was curious but she did not touch them. Instead, she sniffed them and ate their food! My dog Poppy is always happy because her family always loves her.

In conclusion, Poppy is the best dog in the world and is very important to our family. She is well behaved and obedient, she entertains people with her skills and she is always happy and greets people kindly. Do you have a pet that means so much to your family?

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