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2nd Place: Art for Barks: Flower

By Charlie, 5 Grade, R. Roger Rowe Elementary

How is your pet important to your family? When I first was told about the Art for Barks contest, I wasn’t very sure why my dog, Flower, is important to my family. But after taking a few days and really thinking about why she is important, I realize that without my puppy, our family wouldn’t be as close as we are now.

Flower brings our family together because she makes us laugh! During the winter holidays, Flower wears an adorable Santa Claus vest over her creamy, fuzzy, white coat. One day, I had my matching Santa nightgown on and sat right next to Flower while our family was watching TV. Everyone laughed and told us that we looked like twins. At that exact moment, Flower licked my face like she understood everything everyone was saying. Another way that Flower makes us laugh is when she sneezes. My mom always says, “Bless you!” It makes me laugh because we all treat Flower like she is a human! Plus, she acts like one, too! She always carries her treats to the living room, and eats them politely. In addition, she only eats when the family is all sitting down at the dinner table. She also makes me smile when I am crying or upset. Flower will scamper on over to me and lick the tears off my face. It makes me smile and forget why I was so upset in the first place! Flower brings our family closer because she makes us laugh.

Flower also brings our family together because she needs exercise! On lazy Saturdays, while Logan is listening to music, I’m watching TV, Mom is cooking and Dad is watching the news, the four of us will get up and for a two or three mile walk. We end up chatting about things going on in our lives, things we want to do and more. If Flower didn’t need her exercise, I wouldn’t know that my brother wants to be a robotic engineer! Flower brings our family closer because she gets us to know each other by needing her exercise.

How is your pet important to your family? Maybe you need a few days to think about it, but each pet is important in its own way. If three years ago, we hadn’t bought the skunk-sprayed, abused, shy, “Pilgrim” from the Helen Woodward Center, she wouldn’t have become the little ball of positive energy, “Flower,” that she is today. Without her, our family wouldn’t have been as close because Charlie, Logan, Mom, Dad and Flower make up the Johnson Family.

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