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“The genius of dogs is their ability to understand human communication and their motivation to cooperate with us.” Brian Hare, co-founder of Dognition

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At Dognition, we believe that shared inquiry and discovery fuel the greatest benefits for dogs and their owners. Therefore we’ve partnered with the world’s leading canine cognition experts and canine-focused institutions/organizations. This month Dr. Ádám Miklósi answers the question: are dogs able to imitate the actions of others?

Here’s a video of a dog doing the Imitation Experiment:

  Question:  Do dogs learn faster by mimicking people?

An Answer From:  DR. ÁDÁM MIKLÓSI via 

“Dogs are skilled at imitating humans."

In 2006 we published the first scientific study on imitation in dogs (Topál et al 2006). This was followed by some debate whether one can really speak about ‘imitation’ in this situation. We defined imitation as the ability to perform a functionally analogue behaviour after seeing in done by others (humans or dogs).

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