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About this Magazine

About Art for Barks™

This is a magazine for dog and animal lovers, and for people who appreciate art. We represent the individual who never stops learning. We love creativity. Growth is our fuel for a meaningful existence. Our participants enjoy both content and humor. We are enriched by diverse information and artistic endeavors. We love to read.

We Support Canine Heroes!

We will support the training of Service Dogs who protect, save and nurture humans in over thirty-five ways. (Learn More). We are enriched by our efforts to help lost or abandoned animals. We also strive to financially assist animals in poor health. Our artists and creative writers are lending their exceptional talents to contribute to our mission.

Magazine Content

This is the fun part. Our Magazine will entertain you with literary articles on:

  • gifted service dogs
  • abandoned rescue dogs
  • how artists create dog art
  • artists and their training
  • diverse and unique canine personalities
  • working, jumping, surfing, agility and athletic dogs
  • distinctive breeds
  • learning to parent your dog
  • training our best friends
  • wisdom of the veterinarian
  • dog art history
  • animal psychology and anatomy
  • contributions of dog walkers and animal care professionals
  • dog science
  • pet care nutrition
  • and more

The Magazine will also feature artists, with pictorial presentations of how they create their work. You will get to know the artists better through interviews about their training and artistic passion. We will cover artists in every creative venue including:

  • painters
  • watercolorist
  • sculptors
  • jewelry designers
  • photographers
  • illustrators
  • cartoonist
  • metal fabricators
  • weavers
  • wood carvers
  • and more

Nourish your Giving Side

Our readers want to make a contribution to society. They want to understand how to give animals a better existence. They enjoy sharing their giving side with like-minded people.

Don’t Stop There. Contribute

  • Write your own article, column or poem.
  • Comment on our stories and share with friends.
  • Review a book about dogs and dog art.
  • Contribute professional quality photos, drawings, paintings or cartoons of Service Dogs or Rescue Dogs.
  • Forward an exceptional dog story.
  • Start or join one of our discussion groups that support dogs and dog themed art.
  • Become a Founding creative contributor as an artist or creative writer. Your name will remain on our site as a significant contributor to our mission. (Get Started)

We are a nonprofit organization dedicated to animal education and dog theme art. Our Purpose is to financially support any organization that works for the benefit of Service Dogs and Rescue Dogs, or the improvement of animal health.

We embrace the National Public Radio format that eschews advertising and depends on voluntary financial support of educational programs by the general public or private foundations. We are a volunteer organization. We exist because talented, purpose driven people contribute to our enterprise.

Recognize our Contributors

Our magazine artists, writers and managers contribute their services free or at minimal cost. They are dedicated to your knowledge and entertainment. They adore their own animals. They want to make the world better. Support them by giving feedback or sharing their creativity with your friends.

Become a Founding Member

We are just beginning. Be part of the architecture of a meaningful project. We are dedicated to high professional standards and excellence. We plan to start small and think big.

As an artist, writer, administrator or financial contributor in 2012-2013 you can become a Founder of Art for Barks. (Get Started).

Who we are

We are people who are passionate about dogs, art, books and knowledge. We are a not-for-profit in support of animal charities. We are fascinated by the over thirty-one things that Service Dogs do to make a human’s life better. We feel sad about homeless dogs, and frustrated about the seriously ill dogs who’s owners cannot afford their medical care.

We are committed to supporting animal artists and writers. We wish to celebrate and promote their artistic talents.


We want to make a difference. We are giving people. We get involved. We share our time and money to improve the world. We love our day jobs, our families and our furry friends. We still find the energy to contribute to Art for Barks and their dog charities. We are homemakers, professionals, self-employed and corporate, made rich by our sense of purpose.

Dogs Helping Man

Dogs have existed since the creation of humans. Early man created a hunting and self-protection partnership with dogs. Dogs excelled in hearing and smell and humans had better eyesight and tools. The comforting benefit of the human-animal bond remains a significant impact on our lives today. Service Dogs nurture, protect and save human lives. Abandoned or neglected animals need to be rescued. Dogs are our hero’s. Our animals enrich our lives. These special creatures inspire magnificent animal art and literary works. Join our Art for Barks community and enjoy the inspired contributions of talented people with empathy.

How we help

We support all animal charities across the United States.

We Provide:

  • A Free Pet Care Registration on our website. In case of an Automobile accident or community disaster, our Art for Barks pet website registration, and wallet Emergency Card will direct emergency personnel to your need for animal care. This free registration process is a convenient way to have an pet care professional, friend, or neighbor take proper care of your animals when you are not available or out of town.
  • Financial Support to superior animal charities.
  • Art for charities for special events and fundraisers.
  • Books, Literary Works and Entertaining Video’s that will inspire and educate the public about animal art, training, and pet health.
  • Information about the best animal fine art, (in all styles from modern to classical), and the most creative animal gifts, home décor and arts and crafts.
  • Public education about the accomplishments of Service Dogs, the need to rescue abandoned pets, and the special charities and people who contribute to animal welfare.
  • Art education so that the public can enhance their appreciation of superior animal art.

Website Content

Our organization offers the following online:

  • Fine Art Dog Gallery
  • Feast your eyes with high quality art, painting, drawing, photography, sculpture, jewelry and arts and crafts.
  • Decorate your home with unique crafts celebrating our animal friends.
  • Please your friends and family with gifts saluting and memorializing their pets.
  • Become a member and participate in exclusive art auctions and purchasing opportunities. Learn from others how to improve your own artistic endeavors.

Digital Magazine

Our magazine will entertain you with literary articles on:

  • Gifted Service Dogs.
  • Abandoned dogs that need to be rescued.
  • How artists create their art.
  • Understanding artist’s techniques and training.
  • Unique canine personalities and skills.
  • Sporting, working, jumping, surfing and agility dogs.
  • Understanding distinctive breeds.
  • Parenting and training your dog.
  • Latest veterinarian knowledge and techniques.
  • Dog art history.
  • Animal psychology and intellect.
  • Dog walkers and animal care professionals.
  • Special art and education on cats, horses, and wildlife.

All artwork, images, designs and creative writing on this site are copyright and trademark protected.
All content on the website may not be reproduced or displayed without the express approval of Art for Barks™