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Tuesday's Negotiation

Sculpture by Audrey Lynne Cook
16x15x6. Tuesday's Negotiation - sculpture of a Horse boxing.
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Sunday Morning

Sculpture by Audrey Lynne Cook
20x18x6. Sunday Morning - Sculpture of Cat with head down.
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Saturday Night

Sculpture by Audrey Lynne Cook
25x16x6. Saturday Night - Sculpture of Horse in a Heart Shape
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Leap of Faith

Sculpture by Audrey Lynne Cook
19x9.5x5. Leap of Faith - sculpture of Horse with head up
c:\dwasfiles\sites\1783-6935\VirtualDirectory0\site\wwwroot\a4bFiles\Artists2015\Casey Craig\If-Wishes-Were-Horses (Small).jpg
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If Wishes Were Horses

Mixed Media by Casey Craig
36x48 inches. This was my first horse painting and so far the largest. Such beautiful and graceful animals, I knew when I finished that horses would be a recurring subject for me.
c:\dwasfiles\sites\1783-6935\VirtualDirectory0\site\wwwroot\a4bFiles\Artists2015\Casey Craig\Black-Beauties (Small).jpg
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Black Beauties

Mixed Media by Casey Craig
40x30 inches. This was a challenging piece, but I really enjoyed working on it.
I loved painting the bold black horses against the Southwest colors of the manes, plus all of that juicy red. Inspired by the colors of Navajo rugs, the graceful and beautiful horse makes for a perfect subject.
c:\dwasfiles\sites\1783-6935\VirtualDirectory0\site\wwwroot\a4bFiles\Artists2015\Casey Craig\Aura-of-Aquamarine.jpg
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Aura of Aquamarine

Mixed Media by Casey Craig
This horse was inspired by all the different colors of water. Very fun to paint the textured background and all of the cool colors surrounding the pale face.
c:\dwasfiles\sites\1783-6935\VirtualDirectory0\site\wwwroot\a4bFiles\Artists2015\Casey Craig\Rhino-with-Amber-Sky.jpg
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Rhino with Amber Sky

Mixed Media by Casey Craig
20x24 inches. The rhino is one of my favorite animals. So unusual and beautiful at the same time. The pattern used is similar to an African mudcloth with a very stylized sun.
c:\dwasfiles\sites\1783-6935\VirtualDirectory0\site\wwwroot\a4bFiles\Artists2015\Casey Craig\Rhino-with-Diamond-Moon.jpg
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Rhino with Diamond Moon

Mixed Media by Casey Craig
24x20 inches. A rhino with neutral colors, subdued textures and a few stripes to add interest. A diamond moon with inky blues in the sky suggests a peaceful evening.

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