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Larry Beckstein


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Larry Beckstein is an avid sportsman and wildlife artist. He paints a wide variety of North American wildlife including songbirds, elk, deer, and turkeys. His other passion is painting dogs, especially working dogs. Larry often paints Labradors, Golden Retrievers and Beagles. He will also paint other breeds. Larry’s dogs are sure to melt your hearts. He often starts with the eyes, because the eyes show the character and mood of the dog. He is flexible and diverse in his painting style. Larry’s portraits range from the traditional representational style to whimsical. Larry owned Beagles in his youth. It was a community event to hunt rabbits with your Beagle. Later in his life he started waterfowl hunting with his buddies. Then his dog of choice was “Woodie” a yellow Lab whose light color helped him blend in with the cattails. They were hunting partners for twelve memorable years. As a child Larry showed early signs of artistic ability. While his brothers, sisters and friends were out playing children’s games, Larry would find himself in the woods sketching anything that moved. After High School, Larry attended the Art Institute of Pittsburgh where he refined his talents. For many years Larry Beckstein was a self-published artist, until one day while painting in his home studio, he received a call from the renowned wildlife art publishing company Wild Wings. Wild Wings is known for having the top wildlife artists in the world. It would turn out to be one of the best things that ever happened to Larry. Getting the phone call of his life, Larry felt like a kid at Christmas. It has been a great relationship with Wild Wings. To date, Larry has released almost a hundred prints, many of which have sold out and are in both public and private collections. His paintings have been featured in “Whitetails Unlimited”, “Ducks Unlimited”, the “National Wild Turkey Federations” and several other outdoor organizations. “What an honor it is to see someone buy a piece of art work just because they like it. Buying art is a very personal thing. When someone spends their hard earned dollars on something you have created, it gives you a great feeling,” Larry said. Larry Beckstein also believes in giving back to the organizations that support his art. His artwork has raised thousands of dollars for conservation organizations and Nonprofits. Larry resides in Greenville, Pennsylvania with his wife of 34 years and their two sons. Larry says, “being able to earn a living doing what you love, is a dream come true.”

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